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For the Parents

Welcome to the "For the Parents" section, designed exclusively to cater to the needs and interests of our valued parents. At Clifford International School, we believe in nurturing a strong partnership with parents, as we recognize the pivotal role you play in your child's education. This dedicated space is crafted to provide you with essential information and resources, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience throughout your child's academic journey.


Safety First

Safety is our utmost priority at Clifford International School. We understand the importance of creating a secure and nurturing environment for your child. Our campus is equipped with modern security systems, and we have a team of trained staff members who diligently monitor and safeguard the well-being of our students. Additionally, we conduct regular safety drills and ensure strict adherence to safety protocols, providing you with peace of mind knowing your child is in safe hands.


Arriving at School

We offer reliable and efficient transport services, making your child's commute to and from school a comfortable and stress-free experience. Our fleet of well-maintained buses is equipped with advanced safety features and driven by experienced drivers who prioritize the safety of every passenger.



we take pride in our school uniform, which not only fosters a sense of belonging but also promotes discipline and a positive school identity. Detailed information about the uniform guidelines, including where to purchase it and the dress code policy, can be found at the front desk.


Holidays & Absence

At Clifford International School, we recognize the significance of family time and personal commitments. Our academic calendar includes a list of holidays and important events throughout the year, giving you ample time to plan family vacations and activities. Should your child need to be absent from school due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, we kindly request you to inform the school through the prescribed absence notification process

Food Court

Schools Menu

To keep your child's taste buds happy and well-nourished, we provide a nutritious and balanced meal plan prepared under strict hygiene standards. The menu section allows you to explore the delicious and diverse meals we serve at our in-house kitchen, ensuring your child receives the nourishment they need to stay energized and focused in their studies.

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