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At Clifford International School, we welcome students from diverse backgrounds and believe in creating an inclusive and enriching learning community. Our admissions process is open to all students who demonstrate a genuine interest in learning and a commitment to academic excellence, regardless of their cultural or socio-economic background.

For more information about the admissions process, fee structure, and to get answers to your specific queries, please feel free to contact our admissions team. We are here to assist you at every step and look forward to welcoming your child into the Clifford International School family.

Come, join us on this exciting educational journey where your child's potential will be nurtured, talents will flourish, and dreams will be realized.


How to Apply

  1. Application Submission: To begin the admissions process, kindly complete and submit the Contact form available on our website here.

  2. Interaction and Assessment: Once we receive your application, our admissions team will reach out to schedule an interaction and assessment session with your child. This session allows us to get to know your child on a personal level, understand their strengths and areas for growth, and ensure the right fit between your child's needs and our educational approach.

  3. Campus Visit: We highly encourage you and your child to visit our campus to experience the vibrant learning environment at Clifford International School firsthand

  4. Document Verification: After the interaction and assessment process, we kindly request you to provide the necessary documents for verification. These typically include academic transcripts, birth certificate, passport-size photographs, and any other relevant documents as specified in the admissions checklist.

  5. Admission Decision: Once the assessment and document verification process is complete, our admissions committee will carefully review your child's application.

  6. Enrollment and Fee Payment: Upon receiving the admission confirmation, we request you to complete the enrollment process by submitting the required enrollment forms and paying the applicable fees within the specified timeframe.


We are committed to making quality education accessible and affordable. We understand that education should not be limited by financial constraints. With affordable fees and transparent financial policies, we strive to ensure that families from diverse backgrounds can benefit from the excellent education we offer. Our inclusive approach ensures that every student, regardless of their background, has the opportunity to thrive and succeed in their educational journey.

Choose Clifford International School for an education that goes beyond the ordinary, where innovative learning, holistic development, and community collaboration come together to shape the leaders of tomorrow.

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